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BNI San Diego
11405 W. Bernardo Ct, #208
San Diego, CA  92127
Phone: 619-255-2620
Fax: 619-330-2916

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Stephanie Siraco

The AthElite
Chapter: BNI La Jolla

Health and Wellness, Fitness Trainer

My BusinessI'm a wellness expert who shares my passion of all things fitness these days. I use my life experiences to understand the needs of and to connect with my clients... from growing up on a farm in Missouri... to serving as a US Navy nuclear engineer onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72)... to working as a software systems engineer for a defense contractor... to competitive fitness coach... and now an entrepreneur specializing in obstacle course racing. I'm not new to training champions by any means. As a former World Championship Duathlon Qualifier, International-Level Figure Competitor, and NBC Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge Season 1 Contestant, I've spent the majority of my life competing and coaching in the arena of athletic training.

Ideal Referral1. 32 yo recently divorced mother of 3. She’s short on time, long on stress, and fluctuates between depressed and angry. Rather than taking it out on food, she decided to kick some butt on an obstacle course. 2. 28 yo prior military member, found himself stuck in a cubicle; felt unfulfilled and a little dead inside 3. 38 yo prior cross-fitter looking for something challenging, but not so destructive to the body 4. 34 yo former fitness competitor looking for a new sport that doesn’t revolve around dieting 5. 42 yo dad who used to be in decent shape until life got in the way and now he has trouble keeping up with his kids 6. Mom (36) and Dad (38) with kids (8 and 10). Parents are trying to find an activity they can all do together. 7. 48 yo recovering addict. Addicts often replace one addiction with another and OCR is filled with comeback stories. 8. 28 yo current Spartan athlete looking to improve her performance, particularly on the upper body dominant obstacles. 9. 37 yo woman who used to just be able to reduce her calories and run more to lose weight. This no longer works for her and she keeps sustaining overuse injuries due to only running. 10. 38 yo attorney. He is a professional who has the financial means to hire a coach to walk him through the entire race process. He also knows he doesn’t want to waste the next 3 years trying to figure this sport out on his own, and the added bonus of working with me is that he likes to brag to his co-workers and clients that his OCR coach was a contestant on NBC’s Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge.

Top ProductIndividual or small group coaching in preparation for an upcoming obstacle course race including small businesses looking for a team-building activity.

Top Problem SolvedPreparing someone for the mental and physical challenges they will face during an obstacle course race including improving client strength, agility, stamina, and technique. Additional benefits may include fat loss, energy improvement, and body composition change.

My Favorite BNI StoryI showed up to my first La Jolla BNI meeting before we even found a place to live in my new city after my husband's job transfer.

My Ideal Referral PartnerFItness trainers who DON'T specialize in OCR.